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Welcome to my blog! My name is Johanna. I am a businesswoman who lives and works in the fantastic city of Sydney. When I decided that I wanted to expand my company, I realised I would need to enter into some new contracts. The legal side of this was something which really worried me. However, I spoke to some of my friends in the industry and they recommended a great business attorney who was able to help me. The attorney explained everything I needed to know and then drew up the contracts I needed. I hope this blog helps you to understand business and law.



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Business and Law

Key Questions You Should Ask Your Divorce Lawyer About Communication

by Evan Hanson

Choosing an ideal divorce lawyer in a market that's flooded with so many firms can be a challenge. However, you can take advantage of the wide selection to find a professional that is qualified and experienced in handling divorce cases like yours. Knowing the questions you will ask during the first meeting with potential divorce attorneys can help you make an informed decision. It assists you in gauging if you can work in harmony with the law expert to resolve your issues or get favourable results.

One of the key aspects you should focus on while drafting interview questions is communication. After all, you need to make sure you choose someone who will keep you updated throughout, and it makes sense to know how to do it. Below are some communication questions you may ask.

What means of communication will we use?

People today can communicate via various means thanks to technological advances. So, instead of assuming that you and your lawyer will call each other or use other communication means, consider discussing the matter in advance. Great divorce attorneys are usually flexible and communicate in different ways to meet their customers' requirements. Most of them prefer communicating via email, calls, text, video conferencing or one-on-one meetings. The means of communication used often varies depending on the matter at hand. Some situations call for short emails, texts or calls, while others require extensive in-person meetings. So, you can decide what will work better.

How should I communicate with my spouse amicably?

Even if you are having problems with your spouse, it's crucial to communicate amicably. Asking your attorney this question will allow you to gauge your lawyer's experience. An expert attorney will be happy to offer the tools you require to communicate with your spouse regardless of the challenges you might be facing at the time. They will share ideas on how and when to communicate, and how to avoid conflict if your spouse takes advantage of the simplest talks to create conflict.

Should I tell my spouse about what we discuss?

Usually, you are not required to disclose anything you discuss with your attorney to your spouse. A great attorney will explain the significance of your relationship—attorney-client communication privileges. Disclosing the information to your spouse or other third parties could be detrimental to your case. Of course, you can talk with your spouse about the case, but it doesn't mean you should discuss everything you and your lawyer discussed. 

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