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Welcome to my blog! My name is Johanna. I am a businesswoman who lives and works in the fantastic city of Sydney. When I decided that I wanted to expand my company, I realised I would need to enter into some new contracts. The legal side of this was something which really worried me. However, I spoke to some of my friends in the industry and they recommended a great business attorney who was able to help me. The attorney explained everything I needed to know and then drew up the contracts I needed. I hope this blog helps you to understand business and law.



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Business and Law


Why You Should Keep Your Business Dispute Out of the Courts If You Can

In order for any small business to operate effectively, a number of individual processes need to work together in harmony. This may involve the purchase of component parts, interaction with third-party contractors, negotiation with vendors or the provision of first-class service. It's not surprising, therefore, that things do go wrong, and a dispute may occasionally arise. Often, the way that this dispute is handled can be critical in order to get everything back on track, so what should you consider before going to court?

The Role Of A Conveyance Attorney In Successful Property Settlement

Buying property involves more than just looking around, settling on what you want and paying for it. Conveyancing is a crucial part of property purchase/sale.  It is the process through which the buyer, individual or corporate, becomes the registered and legally recognised owner of the property. Having a qualified and experienced attorney who is well versed in conveyancing goes a long way in ensuring the process runs along smoothly without any delays.

Why You Should Always Read the Contract's Small Print If You Want to Ensure Your Exclusivity

If you are a small business owner who operates a retail "bricks and mortar "type of establishment in a downtown shopping centre, then you may be quite pleased with the way things are going and making a tidy profit for yourself. You may think that you always have your wits about you from an entrepreneurial point of view and try to make the right decisions to ensure ultimate longevity. You may be approaching your lease renewal date and will shortly get into negotiations with the lessor, to make sure that you maintain this all-important location under favourable terms.